Monday, November 19, 2007

Fazeel Azeez Chauhan

"Xenophobia Leads to War / You're The Suspect" ....... by Fazeel Chauhan

"Profiles in Racism" ....... Fazeel Chauhan

"Religious EpiCenter" ....... Fazeel Chauhan

Artist’s Statement
The experiences of living in diverse places from New Orleans to Pakistan and Los Angeles to Saudi Arabia, are reflected in my approach.

The work is greatly influenced by many teachers, and by films and documentaries from around the world. Looking at a subject from the prisms of colonization, sociology, war, history, politics, reverse anthropology and psychology, provides images of these cross-sections.

I'm greatly inspired by the poetry and music of the Clash, Fela, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rumi, Iqbal and Robert Bly.
I draw from many forms of art, which communicate a clear and moving message, emphasizing content over form.

My observations and narratives are frequently about un-popular subjects and intersections of east plus west. They often examine which are the standards, values and measurements being used to define and judge "the other".

My major focus is on issues of civil and human rights, addressed through political art. I’m interested in the stories of people on the margins.

Fazeel Azeez Chauhan

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lakshmi said...

Interesting pictures on the state of Xenophobia and racism. The target as the main picture with the various descriptive words makes a strong statement on the first picture.

Also like the contrast between the idea of all inclusive vs no trespassing in the Religious EpiCenter picture.

Thought provoking images.