Monday, November 19, 2007

Julia Hart

Julia Hart

The desert is a place of great expanse and harsh elements.
But within these extremes lies a beauty as soft as the curving lines of a sand dune, and as quiet as the pastel colors of its vistas.
The textures of its rock formations and the tangles of its trees a variety of soothing yet eerie feelings.
In the desert's aridness, weather can make a striking difference in in how we see it. Clouds may not contribute much moistureto the ground, but most certainly soften the contrasts caused by the desert's extreme heat and light.
In 2005, California was blessed with an extraordinary display of spring wildflowers.
The deserts came alive.
This rich display of color drew me back to the desert after an abscence of many years.
I was again awed by its beauty.
Through the spring of 2007 I continued to make several sojourns back to capture the soft and quiet beauty of this stark environment.

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lakshmi said...

Love the picture of the sand dune. Always loved the desert scenes and the beauty of it's colors. Your work captures it well.